12 Mar 2015

General Knowledge Mcqs Page 5

General knowledge Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQS) Page-5. The following Mcqs are collected from different pass papers and from Mcqs Bank. These Mcqs are Comprising the following topics,

World Geography, Atmosphere, Science & Literature, International Organizations and events Mcqs Current Affairs Mcqs , Pakistan Affairs Mcqs.

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81. The lowest temperature ever recorded on the Earth is __________ .

A. -83.2 °C
B. -86.2 °C
C. -89.2 °C
D. -92.2 °C

82. The lowest temperature was recorded in __________ .

A. Antarctica
B. Russia
C. Canada
D. Germany

83. The highest temperatures ever recorded on the Earth is ________.

A. 56.7 °C
B. 57.7 °C
C. 58.7 °C
D. 59.7 °C

84. The highest temperature was recorded in __________ .

A. Los Angeles
B. California
C. Tripoli
D. Doha

85. Who is Angela Merkel?

A. Prime Minister of Germany
B. Chancellor of Germany
C. Prime Minister of France
D. Chancellor of France

86. Who is Fran├žois Hollande?

A. President of Germany
B. Prime Minister of Germany
C. President of France
D. Prime Minister of France

87. The current director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is __________ .

A. James Clapper
B. Thomas Donilon
C. Denis McDonough
D. John Brennan

88. On 27 February 2013 Iraq's state airline, after 20 years, begins flights to __________ .
A. America
B. Israel
C. Iran
D. Kuwait

89. The Nobel Prize for Peace 2013 was awarded to ___________ .

A. Barak Obama
B. Malala Yousafzai
C. Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
D. United Nations Security Council

90. The Nobel Prize for Literature 2013 was awarded to ___________ .

A. Margaret Thatcher
B. Alice Munro
C. Sir David Frost
D. Peter O'Toole


81. C
82. A
83. A
84. B
85. B
86. C
87. D
88. D
89. C
90. B

91. The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013 was awarded to ___________ .

A. Martin Karplus & Michael Levitt
B. Francois Englert & Peter W. Higgs
C. Thomas C. Sudhof & James E. Rothman
D. Lars Peter Hansen & Robert J. Shiller

92. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is the wife of __________ .

A. Prince Harry
B. Prince Charles
C. Prince William
D. Prince George

93. The Sinai Peninsula is in __________ .

A. Egypt
B. Libya
C. Jordan
D. Syria

94. According to Forbes Magazine the most powerful man on the Earth is ________.
A. Barack Obama
B. Vladimir Putin
C. Xi Jinping
D. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud

95. Angela Merkel was elected as Chancellor of Germany for the __________ time.

A. first
B. second
C. third
D. fourth

96. The Prime Minister of Pakistan is __________ .

A. Shahbaz Sharif
B. Nawaz Sharif
C. Asif Zardari
D. Ishaq Dar

97. The President of Iran is __________ .

A. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
B. Hassan Rouhani
C. Mohammad Javad Zarif
D. Ali Khamenei

98. The No.1 Tennis Player is __________ .

A. Serena Williams
B. Maria Sharapova
C. Victoria Azarenka
D. Venus Williams

99. The Defence Secretary of United States is __________ .

A. John Kerry
B. Hillary Clinton
C. Chuck Hagel
D. John McCain

100. The Currency of Lativa is __________ .

A. Dollar
B. Euro
C. Lev
D. Lek

91. B
92. C
93. A
94. B
95. C
96. B
97. B
98. A
99. C
100. B 

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